Down the Old Road 

Good morning...  I have a special announcement to make today. A few days ago I posted lyrics I wrote about the terrible fires in Gatlinburd and the Great Smoky Mountains. I have been blessed and humbled by the hundreds of shares and comments. Some wonderfully talented artists wanted to record the lyrics. So, we now have a page here with their hard work. Thank you to everyone involved in this project. It has been an emotional, yet, uplifting project. 

Please visit the page at:

Down the Old Road


Hello! We have some new music and updates! Sande Sue Riggs, a former law enforcement officer, has made a cover recording of Into the Blue. You can find it on the Into the Blue page. 
Several new songs are also in the works from Sande and others...still under wraps, but I am so excited to have all of these fine folks in my little world. 
I have been travelling on and off throughout the country sharing music and the artists involved in Sutton Aquarius and The Knoxville Sound.  Soon we will be heading out again. If you find one of our cards, let us know you stopped by. We appreciate all of your support!
Watch this space for more updates over the coming week! have a great  

Red Lights and Rain 

Heading to North Carolina and it is rainy in spots....so I thought I would share Red Lights and Rain. Jeff S Jones did such an amazing job on this one, and he made a video. I tried, but my video skills are lacking. Too blind to figure it out! 

Be Mine 

A dark love story for the evening...

Be Mine

He sat there on that mountain 
Underneath the coal black sky 
Holds her hand as she slips away 
He was too damn tired to cry 
The preacher said a few words 
And left before the sun did shine 
He didn’t need no time to mourn 
And he didn’t care about feeling fine 

He had loved her through it all 
Yet she had  roaming eyes 
He learned of her cheatin’ ways 
He learned of her lies 
But by then the sickness had stricken 
She was on the decline 
He waited by her bedside 
Till he could go back in that mine 

Forty years of dying underground 
To see a life for that doll’s eyes 
But sometimes a man just cannot win 
No matter how hard he tries 
The mine was dark as hell 
And as cool as her design 
And no one was around to see 
When he took her where the sun don’t shine 

She looked around with her last glance 
And she gestured to the skies
He told her he had always loved her 
But sometimes that love dies 
Neither would see the light of day 
Not a drop of morning sun shine 
He had one last dying wish 
To spend eternity in that mine

Roadside Recordings 

We've got quite a few songs about the road, traveling and the journeys we all face and conquer. We will have a special place here to listen to these tracks very soon. If you would like to be a part of this, let me know! Thanks to all for the support and spreading the word, the music and the sunshine!

Goodnight from Ghost Ships 

Another goodnight tale...


Lost trips, ghost ships 
Travel the mind 
When you’re out of reasons 
No one is kind 

In a corner 
Of the Heavens 
She’s there 
Like a haven. 

Good night 
From ghost ships 
and lost trips 

She can dance 
Though the  waves crash. 
Hold her, you’re found 
though you may drown 

She’s not an angel 
But you’re not a saint 
she’s got good intentions 
But she knows you ain’t 

Good night 
From ghost ships 
and lost trips 

Good night from islands 
We’ll never flee 
Thunder around us 
Lights up the sea 
She’s just an apparition 
You dream so you dare 
To journey to places 
No man should fare

Keep Me On The Road 

When on the way to school, my Daddy always played music. When I was very young, we listened to Willie Nelson often. I've loved Willie Nelson ever since. I recently watched a video with Willie talking about what keeps him going and he was discussing the sadness surrounding Merle Haggard's passing. Willie said, "Just keep me on the road..." I loved that he said that, so much that I immediately wrote this. I hope you all enjoy it. And Willie, if you are out there somehow reading this ol' Tennessee girl's ramblings, thanks for the music. :) 

Keep Me On the Road 

I set out to see the mountain 
And her sweet sunrise 
Never thought I’d make it home again 
It took a lot of tries 
I set out to see the valleys 
Their shadows sympathize 
I’ve been down about every road 
So many asked me why 

Some folks worry about the dollar 
And the life they think they’re owed 
I choose to  live life rollin’  free 
Just keep me on the road 
Spent too much time 
In a soul I must have borrowed 
Lord, won’t you see the saint in me 
Just keep me on the road 

I set out to see the cities 
That light up the midnight skies 
The  silence that never sleeps 
No matter how hard it tries 
I set out to see the countryside 
Rows of grain somehow baptize 
Keeps you on the straight and narrow 
Till you gaze into a runaway angel’s eyes 

Some folks worry about the dollar 
And the life they think they’re owed 
I choose to  live life rollin’  free 
Just keep me on the road 
Spent too much time 
In a soul I must have borrowed 
Lord, won’t you see the saint in me 
Just keep me on the road 


The Cherokee 

His table was across the room 

And we both were gazing through the glass 

Watching the Smoky Mountain sunset 

Another day had come to pass 

I found it mesmerizing to study 

The mountain line blending into night 

It was as if the ridgeline and the darkness 

Could not be divided by any light 

The sunset shadows and shades 

Were silent and creeping in 

I barely noticed as the waitress 

Refilled my glass again 

The Cherokee across the room smiled 

As she carried his plate away 

His thoughts given by his glance 

It was something that words could not convey 

His eyes shone like the debuting stars 

That were beginning to glisten in the sky 

I could tell he knew many stories 

That he would take to the grave when he would die. 

I looked back to the ridges 

They were fading into the dark 

And suddenly that Cherokee was beside me 

His eyes were full of spark 

He said, Son, it is not about the difference 

Of telling the mountain from the night 

It is more about what you see 

In the darkness and in the light.” 

I thought for a moment on this 

It was such a revelation to bear 

I began to respond to the thought 

But the Cherokee was no longer there. 

©.Sutton Aquarius

The Road  Podcast

We appreciate all of the likes and listens on the new song Gene Blair and I made called One Face.  In case you have not heard it yet, check it out here:https://www.reverbnation.com/suttonaquarius/song/25862304-one-face-gene-blair--sutton-aquarius

We also have another new one to share today, called The Road. It's simply the story of a day out west...events I watched unfold over a few hours. Eric Butterfield of Sons of the Golden West brought this one to life. We hope you enjoy it.  Thanks for all of your support! 

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Click on Popcorn to check out music honoring him and his way of life.

Click on Popcorn to check out music honoring him and his way of life.

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Celebrating Kent Bilbrey